Install the Pillow Profits Fulfillment App in Your WooCommerce Store.
***Please read the Requirements and Troubleshooting information at the bottom of this page.
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Installing the Pillow Profits App to your WooCommerce store requires that you MUST have a secure store that uses SSL encryption.

If your store is not accessible by HTTPS://, then you must get an SSL certificate, which will secure communication between the Pillow Profits App and your store, as well as provide secure shopping for your customers.

Contact your hosting provider for help if you do not know how to install SSL for your store.

Enable the REST API within WooCommerce - visit the WooCommerce > Settings > API tab and tick the Enable REST API checkbox.

You must turn on the WordPress permalinks on Settings > Permalinks.
Troubleshooting the Installer:
When you use some hosting providers, trying to submit the form above you might get an error that says something like 403 Forbidden.

If you have this problem, there is another way to install our App.  Click Here to Use the Alternate Install page.